Friday, January 6, 2012

In Search of a Lasting Thrill

Wood Rimmed Bicycle Wheel Game Board, Lobdell Wooden Rim, Alma, Michigan, c. 32" d, early 20th century.

Pair Vintage Iron Garden Ornament Stands, American, c. 65" h, 20th century.

Railroad Train Station by Charles Ramsey, Oil on canvas, American, 23 1/2" h x 27 1/2", 1957-58.

Margit Nielson Minikin, Fashion Doll, 22" h, latex composition, in original costume, c. 1940s, used by Traphagen School of Fashion, NYC.

We couldn’t be happier that Susan Wechsler is joining our ranks. She’s the owner of South Road Antiques,, and she’ll be featured in the design showcase section of our upcoming show. She’s been collecting for many years but, only began dealing at shows two years ago, and those have been in the greater New York City area. Susan has an interesting perceptive on her collection. She says she’s “always been very image-drawn”. For many years images were her livelihood. She is the former director of Photosearch Inc., a photo editing firm that specialized in art, history, and popular culture. In addition, she’s a former artist, art critic, author and specialist in contemporary American ceramics. She also taught at Parsons The New School for Design, and in the Cooper Hewitt Masters Program in the History of Decorative Arts and Design.
Susan specializes in Folk Art, Furniture, Trade Signs and Paintings, and unique objects. I love the way she explains how she is drawn to an item. She says she is attracted to bold lines and strong graphic elements and that, “The contrast between elegant and funky still excites me. But most of all I’m drawn to those things that have strong visual interest and lasting emotional impact”. “Lasting emotional impact”, that phrase hit home with me. I couldn’t have said it better. That’s what really keeps our search alive, year after year. We crave that lasting emotional impact…the thrill, the buzz, the rush, that comes only from a great find. So, make sure you get to The Tailgate-Music Valley Antiques Show this February 2-4, where the search continues.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Worden Select Objects-The Name Says It All.

If you’ve traveled to any of the country’s better antique shows, chances are you know Lynn and Michael Worden of Worden Select Objects . Their booths always stop me in my tracks, right in the middle of the aisle. I really need to stand back and take it all in. Lynn explains it this way, “the booth is a blank canvas. The objects within the booth are the paint”. They view their booth as “one”-a whole singular creation in itself. She wants the viewer to see the objects within in a different light and to understand that art is more than paintings and sculpture. Still with me?
I love the way Lynn explained the criterion by which she and Michael select their objects. They judge the merit of each piece by its “design, style, surface, color and texture. These are the elements that make up art”. She told me she wants patrons to see objects in this light and noted that she and Michael have owned factory fans that were done with “such beauty and grace”. She also looks at what’s happened to a surface of a piece over time. “That’s something that can’t be recreated”.
While you’re shopping the Tailgate-Music Valley Antiques Show this February 2nd-4th, be sure to visit the Worden’s booth in the Design Showcase section. Stand back, take in the whole booth, then step in and view each item through their eyes, using their criterion. And, make sure you don’t miss an opportunity to speak with Lynn, one of the most insightful and articulate women in the business.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ed Sullivan, to be featured in the Design Showcase

I talked to Ed last weekend while he was on the road. He was leaving a show in Atlanta were he reported he had done well. I guess so! He sold a pair of wingback chairs with contrasting piping, a contemporary Elmwood coffee table, a Japanese Imari bowl and a pair of lamps …all to the same customer. Nice!
One of the things that makes Ed, and his partner Holt’s, booth distinctive is their technique for “rehabbing” antique, framed furniture with contemporary fabrics like wool and silk. As Ed says,“ it gives the furniture a cleaner, more streamline look”. He finds his customers like the solid construction, the weight and the comfort of antique upholstered pieces. It’s a very “green“ way of decorating which he feels is important.
A few days after or conversation, I received the following note from Ed in which he summarized his perspective on his business:
“The market today is welcoming a mix in home furnishings where opposites attract. Rough hewn wood with gilded wood which gives the interior a collected feel. Soft furnishings are textured and clean in shape. Accents and lighting are large and over scaled in proportions for impact. Comfort is achieved through a relaxed feel with the mix that we offer in our displays and as we gather our offerings for the upcoming shows.”
Ed will be featured in the Design Showcase this February 2nd-4th, at the Tailgate-Music Valley Antiques show. This is an element of the show which is uniquely dedicated to serving as a design resource. Experiencing quality antique furniture, lighting and accessories in room settings with inspired vignettes always helps our patrons visualize how easily they can incorporate antiques into their homes and lifestyles. Oh! FYI, Ed doesn’t sell online. You’ll have to come to the Tailgate-Music Valley Antiques show to see him.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Coming Soon to the Design Showcase

Working on a few dealer profiles that will be up shortly- the booth of Mark Morris coming soom to Nashville.

Thursday, December 8, 2011


The Design Showcase is a new element to the long running Tailgate-Music Valley Antique Show. A select group of dealers displaying items selected with the thought of being stylish new additions to your home and lives. These exhibitors are experts at adding timeless style to your contemporary interiors by adding the most interesting items from the past.

The Hendersonville Expo Center is the new home for the TAILGATE-MUSIC VALLEY ANTIQUE SHOW on February 2-4. This show of over 30 years will be bustling with activity and sold signs will be going up on all types of merchandise. Furniture, Folk Art, Industrial artifacts, linens, Quilts, Jewelry, Pottery, China, Holiday memorabilia, and unusuals galore. Over 175 of America's favorite dealers have saved their best merchandise to put on their best displays for customers from all parts of the country. Decorators, antiques dealers, home decorators, collectors, and novices alike will be thrilled with the treasures they find at the TAILGATE-MUSIC VALLEY show.

February 2-4, 2012 Thursday-Saturday
Show Hours
Thursday early bird:
9 a.m. to noon $40 early bird admission includes all three days.
General Admission
Thursday- noon to 5 p.m.
Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
$12 per day.

Hendersonville Expo Center
90 Volunteer Drive
Hendersonville, TN 37075