Friday, January 6, 2012

In Search of a Lasting Thrill

Wood Rimmed Bicycle Wheel Game Board, Lobdell Wooden Rim, Alma, Michigan, c. 32" d, early 20th century.

Pair Vintage Iron Garden Ornament Stands, American, c. 65" h, 20th century.

Railroad Train Station by Charles Ramsey, Oil on canvas, American, 23 1/2" h x 27 1/2", 1957-58.

Margit Nielson Minikin, Fashion Doll, 22" h, latex composition, in original costume, c. 1940s, used by Traphagen School of Fashion, NYC.

We couldn’t be happier that Susan Wechsler is joining our ranks. She’s the owner of South Road Antiques,, and she’ll be featured in the design showcase section of our upcoming show. She’s been collecting for many years but, only began dealing at shows two years ago, and those have been in the greater New York City area. Susan has an interesting perceptive on her collection. She says she’s “always been very image-drawn”. For many years images were her livelihood. She is the former director of Photosearch Inc., a photo editing firm that specialized in art, history, and popular culture. In addition, she’s a former artist, art critic, author and specialist in contemporary American ceramics. She also taught at Parsons The New School for Design, and in the Cooper Hewitt Masters Program in the History of Decorative Arts and Design.
Susan specializes in Folk Art, Furniture, Trade Signs and Paintings, and unique objects. I love the way she explains how she is drawn to an item. She says she is attracted to bold lines and strong graphic elements and that, “The contrast between elegant and funky still excites me. But most of all I’m drawn to those things that have strong visual interest and lasting emotional impact”. “Lasting emotional impact”, that phrase hit home with me. I couldn’t have said it better. That’s what really keeps our search alive, year after year. We crave that lasting emotional impact…the thrill, the buzz, the rush, that comes only from a great find. So, make sure you get to The Tailgate-Music Valley Antiques Show this February 2-4, where the search continues.

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