Thursday, December 15, 2011

Worden Select Objects-The Name Says It All.

If you’ve traveled to any of the country’s better antique shows, chances are you know Lynn and Michael Worden of Worden Select Objects . Their booths always stop me in my tracks, right in the middle of the aisle. I really need to stand back and take it all in. Lynn explains it this way, “the booth is a blank canvas. The objects within the booth are the paint”. They view their booth as “one”-a whole singular creation in itself. She wants the viewer to see the objects within in a different light and to understand that art is more than paintings and sculpture. Still with me?
I love the way Lynn explained the criterion by which she and Michael select their objects. They judge the merit of each piece by its “design, style, surface, color and texture. These are the elements that make up art”. She told me she wants patrons to see objects in this light and noted that she and Michael have owned factory fans that were done with “such beauty and grace”. She also looks at what’s happened to a surface of a piece over time. “That’s something that can’t be recreated”.
While you’re shopping the Tailgate-Music Valley Antiques Show this February 2nd-4th, be sure to visit the Worden’s booth in the Design Showcase section. Stand back, take in the whole booth, then step in and view each item through their eyes, using their criterion. And, make sure you don’t miss an opportunity to speak with Lynn, one of the most insightful and articulate women in the business.

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